Sometimes I do.. And sometimes I don’t

So today, oh man TODAY was one of “those days.” You know the days . The ones that no matter how hard you try all you hear are crickets echoing in the classroom. Teaching is hard! Don’t let anyone tell you any differently. If you care about students and you care whether they learn… It’s VERY hard. But there are a few things to keep in mind and a few things that keep me going:
1. Every day can’t be a banner day.
2 . No matter how much I wish I could, I cannot reach all 175 of my darlings that grace the desks in my classroom.
3. I am NOT super teacher.
4. I am not an Oscar- wining actress who can wow the stage called the classroom at all times .

With that being said , there are those things that I CAN do:
1. I can TRY!
2. I will NOT give up.
3. I can continually look for ways to improve my content and delivery.
4. I can smile and know that there are those days when the students DO get it and I am very entertaining and I may feel like Super teacher because there was learning… Not memorizing , but true , meaningful learning going on in my room.

Those moments make my “horrible , terrible , no good day” days worth the effort ! Keep pushing forward my fellow teachers ! Spring break is on its way!

Pictures are from the work my students did on F451 by Ray Bradbury . A good day ūüôā





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