This is so true. I’m in my 26th year of teaching and I feel completely boxed in and I’m constantly trying to find a way out.

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I left a profession I loved a year and a half ago.  I left to save my life, because in my final months of teaching, I felt utterly boxed in.  I spent a lot of time thinking about boxes.  A little box would sound an alarm every morning at 4:55 in and I would get into a bigger box to shower.  Then I would get into my moving box and drive alongside thousands of others in their mobile boxes to get to the box that was my job, spending hours in a small box – actually called a cubicle – and a larger box – my classroom.  If I wasn’t in front of kids, I was in front of an electronic box doing planning and communicating with parents and administrators.  Lunch was even in a box; my life was in a box.

For a nation touting the need to “think…

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